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KVS Librarian Previous Exam Paper of 2015

KVS Librarian Exam Paper 2015:

We are providing you the previous Exam Paper of 2015 which will be beneficial for the candidates preparing for the KVS Librarian Exam 2018.Candidates can have idea about the Questions which will be asked in the coming Exam of KVS Librarian.Please take a look before you are going to face the Exam.

1.In India Public Library Development s a Movement initially started from which city?


2.Who is the Director of Public Libraries in India ,according to Library Legislation Of India?

-Chief Executive at State Level

3.’Library grows and grows endlessly’ is

-Fifth Law of Libbrary Science

4.India’s first library legislation after Independence was enacted in :

-Tamil Nadu

5.In India “Book Week ” is celebrated in the month of:


6.In India the Library Science Education Started at:

-Baroda in 1911

7.American Library Association(ALA)  has instituted which medal to promote love for books and reading :

-Caldcott Medal

8.Open Access system of Library is associated with-

-Third Law of Library Science

9.First Indian University that converted Diploma in library Science into Bachelor’s Degree was:

-University of Delhi

10.Proper organisation of reading material and efficient charging system is the implication of-

-Fourth Law of Libary Science

11.In which State there is no provision of library cess in Public Library acts?


12.What is the standard size of Catalogue Card used in Library?

-12.5 X 7.5 cm

13.In Computer terminology  Bug  stands for:

-Programming Error

14.According to Colon Classification(CC),J is Known as :


15.Catalogue is refered to as a:


16. ThePatents are regarded as:

-Primary Sources

17.ISSN Stands for:

-International Standard Serial Number

18.Which is the process to train the Professional Staff within the Library?

-Job Rotation

19.According to the Ranganathan ,the percentage of the total budget of the library to be spent on the reading materaials should be:


20.The PPBS technique was developed by:

-Rand Corporation

21.PERT means:

-Programme Evaluation Review Technique

22.The Zero based Budget was first published in:


23.The seven step of Planning was formulated by :


24.Thesis is an example of:

Conventional Document

25.The grant from the UGC for the Academic Libraries :

-Ad-hoc Grant

26.The Indexing Periodicals Provide us-

-Complete Bibliographical Description of the Article-s

27.The Arrangement of the main entries in the classified Catalogue is done by which Scheme

-By Classification Scheme

28.The frquency of  INB (Indian National Bibliography is :


29.The Collection of Maps ,Tables ,charts is:


30.Translation of a document is :

-Not a source

31.In a Library Scheme of collection,numbers are devised and maintained by:

-Technical Section

32.A Database is a collection of :

-Records in Machine Redeable Form

33.A Heading which is party relevant to the subject sought is ;

-Basic Subject

34.Which of the following codes was considered the complete codification  for subject Catalogue:

-Ranganathan Code

35.Survey of the users are most useful in:

-Public Libraries

36.The Strings of 8 Bits is called as:


37.Initiation of the readers means:


38.Open access system was first initiated by:

-State Lenin Library

39.Researchers are :

-Both Consumers and Generators of the Information

40.Library Development plan of India was drafted by:


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