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How To Get Answer Key For Intelligence Bureau (IB) Exam ?

Intelligence Bureau i.e. IB has conducted the written test for Grade – II Assistant Intelligence Officers  Exam on 10-07-2011. Please suggest me  where to get Answer Key for IB exam with Solution.




  1. Answer:

    Total Number of English Word: 450,000
    Biggest Circle on earth surface: Equator

    Other Questions & Answers:

    1. State declared english as official language: Nagaland
    2. Language with richest vocabulary: English
    3. Nearest planet to the Earth: Venus
    4. Author of Panchatantra: Vishnu Sharma
    5. Saket: Maithlisharan Gupt
    6. First Economic Celsus in India: 1971
    7. Largest island in indian ocean: Madagascar
    8. Head of CIA: Leon Panneta
    9. Women nightingale:Sarojini Naidu
    10. Vegetation in Siberia: Taiga
    11. Chicken Pox Vaccine was developed by: –
    12. Galileo discovered: All of them

    13. (x)(x)(x)(x3) is equivalent to: x6

    14. 1 7 9
    2 14 _ : 12
    3 105 117

    15. Mother to Son's age ratio: 45:15

  2. answer is available on following link ,

    please check it

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